Halifax Spooktacular Feedback

We would like to thank everyone for coming to the Halifax Spooktacular 2018 and helping us raise so much money for local and Rotary charities.

If you came to the Halifax Spooktacular 2018, we would love to hear your thoughts! We appreciate all feedback, and will use all comments to help to improve on any future events.

Tell Us Your Thoughts

We are DEAD interested in your thoughts about the Halifax Spooktacular 2018 . Head on over to our Facebook Page and Leave A Review, or fill in the form below to have your say on how we can improve for next year’s event.

Spooky Snaps

Big thanks to the Karen from Pictureful Of Memories for being our official event photographer. You can see her pictures here: PicturefulOfMemories.com

If you have any photos or videos of your own that you would like to share with us, please Tweet, using the hashtag ‪#HxSpooktacular, or post them to our Facebook Page.

Halifax Spooktacular Partners

Halifax Calder Rotary are the official Event Organiser of the Halifax Spooktacular 2018. However it would not be possible without the support of our partners who shown here.




PPL PRS are a proud supporter of Halifax Spooktacular

PPL PRS licences the use of copyright music across the UK, giving businesses and organisations the legal permission they need to play the music they want. These licences ensure that music publishers, songwriters and composers are fairly rewarded with royalties so they can keep making music – and mean that they’re able to support music at events like this.

For more information about music licensing, visit www.pplprs.co.uk or call them on 0800 0720 808.